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What People Say

"I learned tips and tricks that  I never knew I needed, and it    finally made poker easy."

- Laura B., San Diego

"The Know the Odds trainer is like a secret weapon."

- Robbie S., Silver Spring

"I was so nervous to enter a casino for the first time.  But Amanda's Aces helped prepare me and fill in the blanks with all the poker lingo and what to expect. It's like having a friend guide you."

- Emily V., Los Angeles

"This site is like a fast track for any beginner. Highly recommend."

- Josh E., Santa Barbara

"I've been playing poker professionally for more than 12 years. This is easily the best poker website for beginners to intermediate players, and I've  recommended  her book too.

Sean R., London  

"I joined Amanda's Aces mostly on impulse. I saw it online and will admit I was a bit curious. I was quite    surprised by how much I liked the site, even as a guy. The gambling trivia and quotes history quizzes are really interesting, and there were several poker odds    I didn't know."

- Steve W., Philadelphia


"Amanda's style on her site and book    made poker seem less random, more fun, and actually gave my an affinity for the game. We had a guy's poker night and I placed 2nd in the first tourney and 1st in the second one!"

- Jake I., Sherman Oaks   

"I went from knowing  hardly anything even though I grew-up in Vegas    to final tabling and winning money in  multiple tournaments  in a matter of weeks."

- Justin    B., Vegas

Megan's Story

"I had just been let go from my job as a receptionist and was feeling really lost.  If I hadn't found Amanda's book and website, I would've just spent   my free time scrolling through instagram.  Through learning poker, I got to use my mind ways in ways I didn't expect, and explore a whole new side of myself  I never knew existed. I have a lot more confidence now, and just won my first online poker tournament!

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