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What is a poker training site?

A poker training site is a way to build your skillset and practice, practice, practice. It is NOT an instruction manual or how-to-guide (buy my book!), nor is it a substitute for live play. Think of it as a prep kit. 


Do I need to be a girl to use this site?

Of course not! Plenty of guys are both readers and members. Poker knowledge is universal, this time it's just being relayed in a female voice.

Are any of the quizzes available for free?

Yes! If you're still shopping around, we have four quizzes available for free: 10/10, Casino Trip, Who's Who?, and the ones taken directly From the Book

How tricky are the quizzes?

Is this a trick question?! That depends! Some quizzes will be more challenging than others depending on the individual.

Certain quizzes such as the "Know the Odds" series and "10/10" have a unique timed lightening version to test your skill and your speed.

Do I need to buy "A Girl's Guide to Poker?"

No--but you should! In all seriousness, however, you do not need to have read the book in order to use this site.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, of course! Unlike other poker training sites, is not designed to be a long-term commitment. There is a set number of quizzes. Once you complete the curriculum, you're done!

I'm an amanda's aces success story! Where can I provide my testimonial?

We love hearing when students win. Share your story with us here.

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