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There is a magnificent scene in Cinderella II:   Dreams Come True  where the newly crowned   princess realizes she's in over her head. Literally!   Her beautiful blonde locs  may be able to  swoon the   prince, but they certainly can't balance books!

Married and ready to begin her happily ever after,   Cinderella realizes it's not so fast. The palace has rules.   Lots of rules.  (Should  napkins be cream or eggshell?? Or, as they say in Cinderella's native French,  écrue?!) And in  one of the most memorable movie scenes from  my childhood, the princess becomes overwhelmed.

Click the music note in the  bottom righthand corner of the video  for sound!

This is what learning poker feels like.


Click the music note in the  bottom righthand corner of the video for sound!

Complicated, difficult, and obscure.

As if something is waiting to trip you up  at any moment!

That's where this site    come    in.

Life is peppered with unwritten rules

and so is poker! Designed to compliment  my book

A Girl's Guide to Poker,  teaches you the things  no one tells  you before   entering the casino,  from  "cash or credit?" to   which cards are truly  better than the rest.   (hint:   not credit cards!)


Our fun games +  quizzes range from  knowing the odds to  learning how to speak    like a poker player.  With, you'll be able to separate your "p's" from your "q's," and your losses from your wins.

So if you can't  distinguish between a salad  fork and an entree utensil or a bet and a raise,  then   get your act  together, princess, and sign-up now!

Your kingdom awaits.

Think you've got what it takes? Try our 'casino trip' quiz now!

Or try our  '10/10'  flashcard  trainer!

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