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About Amanda

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The author wearing an Amanda's Aces cropped hoodie available in  the  online store.


With her  boyfriend nearly 2 years after meeting at a poker table.

Hi! I'm Amanda,   the author behind "A Girl's Guide to Poker" and founder of

My Story

When I was 23 years old and working as a writer, I wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times  about dating - and how frustrating it was! 

I was tired of spending my Saturday nights on dating apps and going out to cramped, crowded,    noisy bars. So I moved across the country hoping to get lucky in love.

That's when I discovered poker.

A sparkling new casino opened up where I was living and I was determined to beat the game.    The only problem was I didn't really know how to play. 


Most of the poker books I found were  really hard to understand. They were boring. Complicated. Difficult. Like math textbooks. Plus they didn't go over the unwritten rules of playing at a casino and etiquette basics - I didn't even know how to hold my cards right! Not to mention the experience of being the only   girl in a literal boys club. 

So I decided to write my own book.

After countless hours of research, interviews, studying, practice, and playing,  I finally began to get a grip on the game.  Three months after starting I won my first poker tournament. Six months later I was the #7 highest ranked tournament player at the MGM Casino in Washington D.C. And in about a year's time, I signed my first book deal with the world's largest    poker book publisher for the book I wish I could've had when I was   just beginning: A Girl's    Guide to Poker.

This website was made to  compliment and cement the concepts in the book so people of all levels an master the game mathematically and socially. Whether you're wondering which cards to play or how to read body language, this site is your ultimate poker resource,  designed to assist you in all parts of your poker journey.


Ready to jumpstart your poker career?

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